Wulli Wulli Oil Rig is the second boss area in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2. The boss is not actually fought here, though.


Ty comes here to stop a fire occurring here and from preventing Fluffy from stealing Julius' "Bio-Organic Micro Scanalyzer". After Ty confronts Fluffy, the nanobots that he followed form into Buster and he takes Ty to a boathouse area off the coast from the oil rig.


Wulli Wulli Oil Rig is in the most southern-eastern part of Southern Rivers. You can access the place via a bridge right next to Wobbygon Bay, but only after Maurie tells you to go there, because there's a fence that prevents you entering beforehand. After you beat Buster, the fence is put back up and you can never access it again.

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