Uber Reptiles are Boss Cass' henchmen that have been enhanced by Karlos. They are enhanced by transferring warm, mammal blood into their bodies, and transferring their cold, reptile blood into the bodies of other mammals, which would cause the internal temperatures of mammals to decrease dramatically and weaken them.
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There are three types of Uber Reptiles:
  • Uber Frills: The Uber version of the Frills. They are usually found asleep and can be ambushed.
  • Uber Blue-Tongues: The Uber versions of the Blue-Tongues. Are similar to Uber Frills but do not sleep and are tougher.
  • Uber Ninja-Geckos: The Uber versions of the Ninja-Geckos. They are slightly weaker than other Uber Reptiles but are faster and can also breathe blue fire.
  • Uber Goannas


Uber Reptiles are a part of Boss Cass' main scheme in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2, he plots to kidnap mammalian denizens of Burramudgee to fuel their creation. They appear sparingly over the course of the game mainly appearing in missions and are prominent enemies in the final assault on Boss Cass' fortress.


These creatures can only be defeated with the power of a Bunyip or an upgraded Boomerang.


  • In reality, transferring warm blood and cold blood to reptiles and mammals (respectively) would simply result in death.
  • There is concept art for an unused Uber reptile called the Uber Goanna.
  • Uber Reptiles appear in the game before Karlos creates them, causing a continuity error. These reptiles may have been the result of earlier experiments.
  • In Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3, they appear not to be working for Boss Cass as they attack both Ty and Fluffy, implying they may actually be mindless.


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