Character information
Full name Skyquin
Gender Hermaphrodite
Behind the scenes information

Skyquin are semi-common types of Quinkan and are rather grotesque-looking creatures.They usually appear when the player is riding the Gunyip.When in the Gunyip, hey appear to be machines, as they are completely motionless and only attack with small red lasers that come out of it's side.When Ty fights them in the Gooboo Gully region of the Southern Rivers(the only time in the game where Ty fights them without the Gunyip), they can be seen taking breaths of air, moving their tails, and coughing up explosive energy balls.


Skyquin can be seen swimming through (you guessed it) the sky wherever havoc is being caused from above. They protect Flying Fortresses but are not opposed going on the offence against a Gunyip.


Ty will usually fight these in a Gunyip, due to their flight. Prior to Ty's return from the Dreaming to Southern Rivers, Quinkan had attacked the town of Burramudgee, and as you fight to purge the town from Quinkan control, these Quinkan can be seen launching energy balls from the sky. This implies that they helped in the attack on Burramudgee, as none of them leave until you defeat all the Protoquin.


Shoot at it or bomb it.



There is a running gag where Boss Cass will say something about the Quinkan being his ally, and the a Skyquin will knock over one of his statues.


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