Ship Rex is either the second or third level of Ty the Tasmanian Tiger. It's located in the Bli Bli Station hub of Rainbow Cliffs. In this level, Ty acquires the Aquarang giving him the ability to swim. The level is mostly surrounded by water and separate islands. While swimming you may encounter seahorses, sharks, traps, underwater bombs, and others. Enemies like the shark and the crab are first seen in this level. This is the only level in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger to have Quicksand and quicksand coconuts.

Thunder Eggs

Thunder egg Collect 300 Opals

Explore the map and collect all 300 opals

Thunder egg Find 5 Bilbies

Bilby 1: After going through the underwater gate at the start, swim to the left and climb on the wooden platforms until you reach the top one with the Bilby on.
Bilby 2: After the part with the eels, go in the path at the left with the big fishes. Go on the land there for the Bilby.
Bilby 3: After collecting the thunder egg after you pass the quicksand, drop down in the area below and go on the pillars to reach the Bilby.
Bilby 4: In the area with the shipwreck, go on the mountain, but instead of going to the top where the nest is, go to the left of the mountain, just above the moving sand area and follow the small path along the mountain side to find the cage at the end. (Or drop down from the area with the nest at the left and you should fall on the path with the Bilby)
Bilby 5: Look around the base of the huge mountain where you found Elle.

Thunder egg Race Rex

Return to the starting point and pick up the clock to start a race against Rex. Don't miss any ring or time. The goal is situated at the top of the huge mountain. Rex is faster than you in water, but you're faster than him in running. You'll catch him back when running around the mountain even if he outruns you while swimming. Win the race for a Thunder Egg.

Thunder egg Where's Elle?

Where's Elle? Well, that's something you'll find out by following the seahorse. At the start, hit the switch underwater to open the gate. Follow the seahorse or the opals until you arrive in the place with sharks. Get on the platform over the water and hit the switch on the wall next to the gate to open it (use the zoomerang). Then go through the gate and climb around the huge mountain in the center. You'll find Elle at the top and will get a Thunder Egg.

Thunder egg Aurora's kids

After the underwater gate at the start, swim to the left and you'll encounter a leafy sea dragon surrounded by a purple hallow. Talk to her to learn about her missing babies. You'll have to swim around the area and find the 8 kids. They are all underwater and not so dispersed. Find them all and bring them back to Aurora for a Thunder Egg.

Thunder egg Quicksand Coconuts

Use the underwater tunnel near the area where Aurora is to access a new area. Get on the land there but watch out for the quicksand. Go to the right where the palm trees are. Throw your boomerang at the coconuts in the trees and one will fall. Jump on the coconut, then aim for another one, jump on it and repeat the process to cross to the other side. The coconuts will sink after a while so be quick. Cross the 3 quicksand spots and reach the Thunder Egg on the platform at the end.

Thunder egg Ship Wreck

Near the area of the quicksand coconuts, look in the water part for the underwater tunnel that will lead you to a large area with a ship wreck in the center of the water. Go underwater and look around the shipwreck to find a small hole on its side. Throw the aquarang into the hole to hit the red switch inside the ship. This will open a door. Enter the wreck by this door to collect the Thunder Egg inside.

Thunder egg Nest Egg

In the Ship Wreck area, climb on top of the mountain in this area to find a nest at the top. The Thunder Egg is in it.


  • It is here that Ty learned how to swim, a skill that would prove very useful in times to come.
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