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Character information
Full name Sheila the Koala
Age 40
Height 75 cm
Gender Female
Species Koala
Hair color Brown
Occupation School Teacher
Behind the scenes information
First appearance "Ty the Tasmanian Tiger"
Voice Actor Debi Mae West

Sheila the Koala is a school teacher. She loses her students on occasion and has to ask Ty to help find them again. She is only seen in Ty Ty , but on three occasions: in Snow Worries, Beyond the Black Stump, and Lyre, Lyre, Pants On Fire.

Sheila is mentioned in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2 by both Maureen (Shazza's mother) and Merv (Boonie's father). Merv says he is interested in a relationship with Sheila. Maureen mentions that she works with Sheila for the Burramudgee High School. She was intended to physically appear in the game, and concept art showing what her new appearance would be was created and can be seen in the gallery, but she was ultimately cut, and her role as the daycare teacher was taken by Lenny the Lyrebird.


"Oh Ty, it's happened again..."

"This is bad, really bad!"


Sheila's name is often used in Australia to refer to a girl.

Sheila seems to be very irresponsible.

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