Shadow the Ghost Bat
Boss information
Full name Shadow the Ghost Bat
Age 27
Height 175 cm
Relatives Shade (daughter)
Gender Female
Species Ghost Bat
Hair color Black and purple
Affiliation Boss Cass
Behind the scenes information
First appearance "Ty the Tasmanian Tiger"
Voice Actor Kate Fitzpatrick

Shadow the Ghost Bat is a boss in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger within the Cass' Crest level. She is the mother of Shade.


Avoid her bat attacks while you hit the nearby buttons which activate steam to fluster her.


Ty and Shazza confront Shadow with Shazza holding a Talisman. Shadow then swipes both the Talisman and Shazza, so she can deliver it to Boss Cass and then kill Shazza afterwards. When Ty defeats her and she flies away, Shazza kisses Ty for saving her life. Shadow is never seen again.

When Ty encounters Shade in Cassopolis she apologizes for her mother's behaviour and assures him that she is much better now.