Character information
Full name Rex the Platypus
Gender Male
Species Duck Billed Platypus
Behind the scenes information
Voice Actor Danny McMaster

Rex the Platypus is Ty's swim coach. He teaches him how to overcome his fear of water and helps him to swim and dive. During the games, Rex normally helps out where ever he can,mainly in the water. He has a girlfriend named Elle and a friend who is a leafy sea dragon who guides Ty through Ship Rex.


Rex first appears in Ty 1 where he teaches Ty to swim, gives him the aquarangs, and sends him out to search for his girlfriend Elle.
Rex and elle

Rex and Elle


Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

He often helps Ty in many missions. In Ship Rex, Rex taught Ty to swim and then asked him to go find his girlfriend, Elle. Rex also gave Ty the aquarangs. When Ty finds Elle she gives him a red thunder egg. She is seen again in Rex Marks the Spot where with Rex trying to steal Parrotbeard's treasure from the abandoned mine and Rex asks Ty to boomerang the octopus's tentacles. Rex goes first, then Elle, then Rex again. Ty gains a green thunder egg. Rex appears again in Rex Marks The Spot where he races Ty between the islands and Ty gains a thunder egg. He also appears in Ty 1 in The Bridge On The River Ty where he teaches Ty how to dive.

Bush Rescue

Rex and Elle also appear in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue when Elle asked Ty to take sun screen to Rex. Rex appears in the mini game cart racing for Ty 2 also. Maurie in Ty 2 tells Ty Rex is stuck in the bottom of the bay of a beach surrounded by sharks. Elle told Ty the same thing and Ty had to save him by exploding the sharks in a bunyip. Rex then asked Ty to connect pipes underneath the water because Boss Cass sabotaged the oxygen system. There is a picture of Rex and Elle in concept art in Ty 2.

Night of the Quinkan

Rex appears in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night Of The Quinkan in a mini game cart racing where he is one of many playable racers. In Ty 3 Rex wears a light purple striped fedora with light purple pinstripe shirt and light purple shorts.


"Thanks mate!"


  • Both Rex and Elle are platypi, and because of this, are both extremely good swimmers.
  • Rex is also the first platypus in the series, and the first male platypus.

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