Character information
Full name Magmaquin
Gender Hermaphrodite
Behind the scenes information

The Magmaquin is the leader of the Quinkan when the Quinking is not present. It resembles a large Lavaquin, and is thought to be the adult form of one.


Magmaquin are very large Quinkan and are though of to be the adult form of Lavaquin. Their preferred environment is above flaming pools of lava. They are referred to as "Commanders" in game, suggesting their high rank and power.


This Quinkan is a mini-boss that appears numerous times throughout the game.

In one mission, when it is discovered that more Magmaquin can be hatched out of eggs, Ty is tasked with smashing all the eggs, thus preventing an epidemic of the beasts.

Every time it hurls 2-5 rocks at Ty it will turn it's back which will flash red. Hit it with any Bunyip weapon or energy cannon when it does, seeing as these are the only circumstances you face it in. Beware of when the Magmaquin will call in Lavaquin to aid it during the fight.


There are no Quotes for the Magmaquin as it does not speak.


  • In Mt. Boom Basin on Kaka-Boom Island, when you defeat a Magmaquin you'll get one of the three pieces of the Shadowring.
  • Defeat all three Magmaquin in the level with the energy cannon to get a complete Shadowring.
  • The Magmaquin is in charge of the Quinkan if the Quinking is not around.
  • The Magmaquin can call in Lavaquin to aid it in battle.

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