Drawing of Kaboomerang

The Kaboomerang is an explosive addition to Ty's arsenal of boomerangs. The Kaboomerang is very useful for clusters of enemies and kills almost everything in one hit.

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

The Kaboomerang was the 5th of the technorangs, requiring 75 golden cogs to have Julius craft it for you. This rang is good for clusters of enemies. This rang is also good for when enemies are close to you, you just don't know where. Due to the explosive capabilities, this rang takes out all breakables in range including crates, ice cubes, spy eggs, and invisible crates.

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue

The Kaboomerang can be purchased from Sly for 12,000 opals after purchasing the Smasharang for 5,000 in Burramudgee. The Kaboomerang lost particle effects from the first game, like pieces of red-hot Exploderium flying out of each explosion, replaced with simple gray explosions.


  • A downside to buying the Kaboomerang is you can no longer destroy steel crates one at a time. As you make your way to the fourbie, there are four steel crates to the left in someone's yard with 30 opals each. If you use the Kaboomerang, all 4 will break. Since the game only supports 60 opals at a time, you only get two crates worth of opals. If you use the Smasharang, you can collect opals as you break them, thus collecting all 120 opals.
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