Crikey the tiger-shark, with cybernetic enhancements.
Character information
Full name Crikey
Gender Male
Species Tiger Shark
Behind the scenes information

Crikey is the second boss in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger. He was once a regular Tiger Shark, until he was twisted and corrupted by the evil scientist, Boss Cass, to do his bidding. Cybernetic parts were placed onto him as a symbol of his dominance.


Not much is known about Crikey's background, though it can be assumed that Boss Cass captured him and turned him into the cybernetic killing machine he is (until being freed by Ty).


Crikey serves as the second boss in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger. Once defeated, he escapes Boss Cass' control and lunges towards Ty, apparently intent on eating him, though it turns out he actually merely wanted to jump into the open ocean and regain his freedom.


Firstly, jump onto the rafts in the ocean, until you come to one with a stack of food on it. Destroy the stall and the food should fall into the water. Wait until Crikey has swam over and starts to chew on it. Dive into the water and search for an oxygen tank. Throw your Aquarangs at it and it will eventually float to the surface. Quickly make your way to a nearby raft and wait for Crikey again. He will eventually come to the tank and thrash it around. When Crikey's mouth is in view throw your Flamerangs at the tank. It will explode and damage Crikey. Keep repeating this until he loses all his health.


  • It is possible that the explosions from the oxygen tanks were so strong they eventually blew off the "armour" Crikey was wearing.
  • In the cutscene following the boss' defeat, Crikey leaps out of the cove, over the shark net, and Ty, who is raising his hand to the shark. This seems to be a reference to the film Free Willy.
  • The strategy to defeat Crikey is likely a reference to the movie Jaws, as it also features a huge dangerous shark eating gas canisters and being blown up by them.
  • Crikey's name comes from the famous exclamation of the same name that was popularized by Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter; normally it's uttered in response to something bad, such as a shark approaching.
  • Crikey reappears in the PC port of Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue in Wobbygon Bay.
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