Character information
Full name Buster
Gender Male
Behind the scenes information
Buster is the result of Boss Cass' foray into nano technology. Made up of hundreds of tiny 'nano bytes', Buster can change shape on a whim, making him very dangerous indeed.


Fluffy steals a device from the Wulli Wulli Oil Rig and finds out Ty is there. She introduces her nanobots to him. Then she introduces the nanobots as Buster when they are a whole. When Ty demands a fight, she orders Buster to "take care of him". Buster then grabs Ty and takes him to a lake to kill him. Ty and Buster battle each other on the deck but Ty succeeds and Buster sinks in the lake.

Buster is seen again later shortly before the showdon with Boss Cass, and engages in a second battle, but Ty easily defeats him with his new Shadow Bunyip. It is unknown if Buster was able to survive and reform his body again after a massive attack like that.


  • If the player leaves the battle and returns to Burramudgee, the fight can be restarted by going halfway through the gatehouse to the oil rig.
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