Armstrong mecha
Character information
Full name Armstrong
Gender Genderless
Behind the scenes information

Armstrong was a giant mecha made from Boss Cass' personal nanobots, that was used by him to fight Ty at the end of Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2. It was apart of the final boss fight. After Ty defeats this machine, its head blows up and the rest of its body falls into the lava pit below the arena.

Attack Moves

  • Charge forward and punch
  • Spinning
  • Two-handed pound


  • Armstrong and Buster are alike due to them being powerful and when they're hit small nano-bots scatter around the battlefield and attacks.When done attacking, they join back together.
  • Boss Cass might have used Buster's blueprints to make Armstrong and could be the same model type.
  • During the second halfway point cutscene, Armstrong will pound his fists, which will cause half of the platform to explode. By skipping this cutscene, half of the platform will explode instantly.
  • Armstrong has the same animations as Buster. 
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